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Starpoint Dance Company

Starpoint is a dance company we opened during the pandemic in the summer of 2020. We wanted to create a dance company with inclusivity at its core, providing a safe and fun environment for children to have access to high quality dance teaching.

About Us

We provide weekly dance classes, holiday workshops, dance parties, adult classes and many performance and competition opportunities. We pride ourselves on the high quality teaching we provide in various dance styles, and treat each child as an individual so all the children have fun and succeed in their own way.

Our main values are diversity, integrity, passion and teamwork, all of which are demonstrated in all our classes and workshops. Being part of the LGBTQ+ community themselves, Michelle and Sharon (Starpoint owners) are committed to making the children feel included and able to be their full selves in a safe environment. We know many of our students often don’t feel confident enough to be themselves at school but feel they can express their true identity at Starpoint. 

There are very few dance schools in the East of Bath and none in Bath which offer the inclusivity and accessibility that we do. All abilities are welcome in our dance company and everyone is included in all shows and performances if they want to be. This means that so many more children have the opportunity to shine and achieve their potential. Our aim is to keep children engaged with the arts through their childhood and teenage age as dance has such a positive impact of physical and mental health. The effect of the pandemic on children is often overlooked and we are aware that exercising and dancing in a safe and fun environment has truly helped a lot of our students.

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